Why Divorce Mediation is a Better Alternative than Litigation

Why Divorce Mediation is a Better Alternative than Litigation

When two people know that they only way to stop their incessant arguments and fights is to get a divorce, they begin to look for lawyers to draw up an agreement. Both of them have settled on the most common method of parting ways, the litigation method. Even though litigation is the “go-to” method for most people, it is not always the right one.

Two people embroiled in a bitter battle should not go to court to settle their disputes, as it will only make matters worse. Instead, they should seek a saner approach to ending their marriage, one that will enable them to meet each other’s gaze once everything is over. That method is divorce mediation, and here’s why it is better than litigation:

1. It is a Collective Effort of Parting in Harmony

In court, both of your lawyers, on both of your behalf, would have fiercely defended you, asking for everything, from the house to the car. You and your partner would be unwilling to compromise and settling on an agreement could take months.

For a faster and a less heated process, you have divorce mediation. With a divorce mediator in the room, both of you will be able to talk in a calm manner about how you both want to divide the assets between the two of you. Perhaps, you will be able to see eye to eye for once.

2. The Sessions Are Long, the Process Shorter

Since it takes time for people to comprehend the other’s point of view clearly, divorce mediation will provide you with one to two hours to get your point across. With no shouting matches or taunts happening in between, both partners will be able to arrive on a sound conclusion to a dispute.

Even though the meetings are long, the numbers of sessions conducted are relatively short. If you had chosen litigation as your method of divorce, it would have taken months to part ways. Why would anyone want to prolong the inevitable anyway? It is better to end it amicably, than end it bitterly.

3. You Will Get What You Want

During the sessions, you will be able to give your reasons for wanting the house for instance. Perhaps, you have children and have made memories in the house, and for this reason, you want to keep the house. In court, this same reason would have sounded as if you were deliberately trying to squeeze every asset and every penny from the divorce. In litigation, everything tends to be blown out of proportion, especially if the two partners cannot stand each other’s presence.

4. You Will Part as Friends

Do you think you and your partner will leave the courtroom as friends? Not likely, as both of you may have exchanged not so pleasant remarks. With divorce mediation, there is a high chance you will both be able to tolerate each other if you ran into each other accidently.