The Rules of Divorce Mediation—What You Should and Shouldn’t Do?

The Rules of Divorce Mediation—What You Should and Shouldn’t Do?

You and your partner have officially given up on your marriage, but only after trying several different methods to try to work out your problems. That is totally fine, as no one wants to keep quarrelling for the rest of their lives. Now, that both partners have agreed to a divorce; it is time to give attention to the process of divorce you will choose.

Will you be going to court or choosing an alternative? Our guess is that you might be thinking of choosing an unconventional method to obtain a divorce. Is that method divorce mediation? If so, you including your partner should read the rules of divorce mediation. Here is what you should and should not do during a divorce mediation session:

1. Educate Yourself about the Method

The role of the mediator during the sessions is to assist both partners settle on a resolution to solve major and minor issues. You might confer with the mediator about guiding both of you to make a decision, fair to all. However, the mediator will not be able to give their input on a problem or take sides. Their job is to test and examine the problem and its solutions only.

2. Be Compromising

Your partner suggests taking the divorce mediation approach and you agree, but apprehensively, as you believe it is a form of surrendering. If your partner asked you to seek divorce mediation, then he/she is smart. If you picked litigation, you may not have been able to get your point across to your partner. In divorce mediation, you may still get the house, the car, or anything else you want, but in a calm manner.

In order to get something, you may have to compromise on some of things you want. For instance, you want the house and the car, but your partner will give you the house, but wants to keep the car. If you want the house, you will have to compromise on the car.

3. Reveal Everything

If you want divorce mediation to be successful, you will have to stop hiding what you know from your partner. You cannot have a trump card up your sleeve, waiting to wave it in front of your partner so you get what you want, even if it is unfair. You want to reveal everything to them at the first meeting. When you are honest with them, they will be honest with you as well.

4. Do Not Start a Fight

You are not there to fight, but are there to settle your disputes peacefully. You do not want to be confrontational with your partner regardless of how much you might hate them. You are there to separate amicably without causing scene. If all you wanted was to cause a scene, you have litigation for that where all the drama happens.

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