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“I would not want Barbara Lewis' job as divorce mediator! But I will say, if someone's got to do it, Barbara is the one! She is a great mediator. She does it with compassion, skill, fairness, and intelligence. She has the ability to see through the strong emotions and see the real issues causing the conflict. This allows people to feel safe, and work efficiently towards resolution. I recommend her highly.”
“We were looking for a divorce that was as inexpensive and fast. Barbara Lewis gave us exactly what we wanted. She didn't waste any time. She made the process easy and skillfully guided us through any disagreements. She scheduled our meeting in the evening so we didn't have to miss work. You will not be disappointed with Barbara Lewis as your mediator.”
“Barbara guided us skillfully and supportively through the process of developing our settlement agreement. Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism enabled us to move through the process with clarity and purpose, and she was effective in mediating differences and easing tension along the way.”
“As Barbara’s instructor I saw first-hand her compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding of the divorce process. She is a wonderful mediator. She will guide you through the entire process with skill and sensitivity. Her supportive style makes mediation an attractive alternative to protracted court battles. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”
“Barbara’s conflict coaching services and style persuade me that working with a mediator is probably the most efficient and humane way of making good legal choices and still staying emotionally strong during the otherwise stressful process of a conflict resolution.”
“Co-mediating with Barbara Lewis was a real pleasure. She is sincere and patience.”