How Divorce Mediators Can Help with Financial Planning

Divorce Mediators can help resolve your divorce with less pain, less trauma and less resentment. Divorce is traumatic for everyone involved. One of the biggest areas of contention is trying to divide financial assets so both parties are at peace with the settlement. Divorce mediators can help with the financial planning you need to settle the assets of your marriage as painlessly as possible.


What Are Divorce Mediators?

Divorce mediators are trained to work with you to discover and define disagreements, and reach a settlement that is satisfactory to both parties. Using mediation, you will save money because you don’t need to fight with lawyers at every turn. In mediation, you explore alternatives in order to resolve issues peaceably.Although the final agreement is legally binding, each party has the option to have the agreement reviewed by an independent attorney prior to finalization.


How Do Divorce Mediators Help With Financial Planning?

 Divorce mediators help couples consider all the financial planning needs of their family throughout the process of the divorce, as well as after. Decisions on who pays the bills while the divorce is pending are among the first things to consider. Assets, such as a home, a business and financial circumstances are discussed and equitable distribution is determined by both parties together, along with the mediator.

Mediators can also help parents come to workable solutions on future issues, such as college for the children. Couples can also hammer out the details of any retirement obligations. In short, divorce mediators can help you make the kinds of choices you can all live with after the paperwork is filed.

Mediation is more informal than negotiating through attorneys. You will both be able to provide your own input on the details and come to a common solution. One of the primary roles of divorce mediators is to help you communicate, even though your communication has probably broken down through the end-times of your marriage. Your mediator can provide a different perspective and help you both see with clarity and less emotion. Because a mediated settlement is decided together, it has a much higher chance of being adhered to in the future.


No one enjoys going through a divorce. It’s painful, it’s expensive and it is something you want to complete as quickly as possible. Contact 1 Source Mediation today. Negotiate the terms of your own divorce with the help of our professional divorce mediators.