Holidays and Mediation

Holidays and Mediation

The holidays are coming up!

Uh-oh, the holidays are coming up — and you want to make sure that your kids have the best holiday possible, right? You don’t want to spoil that with talk about a divorce, or getting into a fight with your partner. Maybe the holidays are another thing that you can’t decide on yet. Or maybe you just know that the holidays always seem to have you fighting with your partner and you’d really like to avoid that this year.

The answer to all of that...mediation!

For example, if the holidays are hard for you and your partner, a mediation leader can help you figure out why. Maybe it’s because he never seems to buy you the right gift, but if you consider giving him a specific gift list, that would help ease the feeling that you two can’t seem to communicate properly. It can sound like a given, but often, it takes an outsider to see the little things in your relationship you could be doing better.

Or if you’re already going through a divorce, you want to figure out how the holidays will work. You don’t want the kids to feel like they’ve got to avoid telling one parent what the other parent got them for Christmas — or worse yet, you don’t want one parent acting like they’re better because they brought all the expensive toys off the list. Being able to talk to a trained specialist can help you figure out what kind of ground rules you want to set for holidays post-divorce. The goal is to create something that works for everyone, even if the marriage didn’t.

Mediation is beneficial in so many different ways for a lot of people, but the one time of year it may be the most helpful is the holidays.