Five Myths of Mediation

Five Myths of Mediation

Mediation is an interactive process in which two parties refer to a neutral third party to solve a dispute. The mediator overlooks the entire process and has no reciprocal authority, but has good communication skills that help in solving the problem. There are a lot of myths when it comes to mediation, because a lot of people do not understand how it works and how much it costs. Here are the five most common myths:

Myth # 1: It Is Like Going to Court

Mediation is a very confidential process in which two parties sit with a mediator who helps in reaching a solution for a problem. A mediator is not a judge and the ultimate power lies with you and the opposing party.

Myth # 2: It Is Expensive

Mediation is not expensive and is one of the most cost effective ways to solve a dispute. The rates vary according to the geographic area and the nature of the dispute but no matter what it will still be less than what you will be paying at the court. Furthermore, it helps you in saving time and energy because the process is really quick and efficient.

Myth # 3: It Is Generally Not Successful

This is a popular myth about mediation. The truth is that that the success rate is around 90% because all the participants are satisfied with the end result, which is why a lot of people prefer mediation over going to the court.

Myth # 4: It Won’t Work On Complex Issues

This is not true because a lot of conflicts are based on complex issues. Mediation gives people a chance to talk about their issues and to learn about the opposite party’s perspective. A mediator is highly skilled and usually talks about the underlying problems that caused the issue. The good thing about mediation is that you have the time and the freedom to explore the issue in depth.

Myth #5: It Will End On Decision That You Won’t Like

In mediation, everyone is given an equal chance to represent themselves and you can let the opposing party know about what you think and feel. There is great flexibility when it comes to the participants of the mediation which is why some people bring support such as spouses, attorneys and witnesses. The mediator is extremely neutral and gives everyone an equal chance to be heard. They never force a resolution if someone disagrees with it because the end decision is mutual and is made by you and the other party.

Thus, these are the common myths or misconceptions that people have about mediation. It is a cost effective way to solve problems and reduce conflicts. One good thing about mediation is that it can be applied to a variety of issues and that it always produces good results. Furthermore, it helps individuals and organizations to solve their problems and prevents them from going to the court.