Faith-Based Mediation

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Is your church lacking a reconciliation mechanism to assist in disputes between Brothers and Sisters in Christ?

The process of mediation is a great tool for addressing most types of conflict, without regard to faith. For people who are Christians, however, scriptural principles in the New Testament have much to say not only about the value of settling disputes outside of court, but also about the spiritual ramifications that are inherent in how we respond to wrongs. Because of these scriptural principles, Faith-based Mediation differs from secular mediation and it is dependent upon the theological foundations of differing faith perspectives. Faith-based conciliators believe that conflict can be an opportunity to glorify God and to experience spiritual growth. The temptation to ignore this difficult spiritual process in favor of a secular solution ignores the work of the Spirit in transforming lives through the ministry of Conflict Resolution. 1Corinthians 6 admonishes Christians to submit their disputes to the jurisdiction of other believers.

Faith-Based Mediation offers two types of service.

Mediation – Personal Coaching for both adversarial parties leading to a face to face meeting under the supervision of an unbiased Christian mediator. Each party will receive guidance throughout the meeting to achieve a solution honoring God that is a product of their own making.

Conflict Coaching – Personal guidance in the scriptural steps necessary for a member of your congregation to approach his/her adversary and win him/her over to a solution that honors God and reconciles the relationship.

How the process work:

  • Member will be required to review the scripture appropriate to their situation.
  • Member will gather the information necessary to present their issue to the other party.
  • With guidance from the mediator the member will determine a course of action.
  • With guidance from the mediator the members will pray about and rehearse their presentation.
  • Member will release the results of their obedience to God, trusting in Him alone to meet their needs.
  • The means of Christian conciliation are genuine acknowledgment of wrongfulness of our actions, acceptance of responsibility, forgiveness and restoration of the relationship.


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