Faith-based Mediation for Christians

Faith-based Mediation for Christians

Faith-based mediation is more than a secular approach; it is a spiritual approach to settle disputes between two partners. Faith-based mediators can help quarrelling couples see eye to eye by helping them see the greener side of things.

The partners in the midst of working out a dilemma will be able to reach a verdict about their marriage in a comprehensive manner with both parties hearing each other’s perspective on the situation at hand. If you want to settle arguments or part ways amicably with keeping the spiritual scriptures in mind, faith-based mediation is the right solution for both of you.

What If One Partner isn’t as Spiritual as the Other?

Faith-based mediation or conflict counseling is not just for couples with a keen interest in faith, but it is also for people who do not. If both parties agree to seek faith-based mediation, the outcome will be successful, as during the sessions with the mediator they might uncover earlier unexpressed concerns concerning spirituality. A higher success ratio of resolving conflicts and coming to an agreement is reported for couples who both share a passion for everything spiritual.

Who Conducts the Sessions?

Unbiased mediators, belonging to the church, conduct faith-based mediation. Faith-based mediators will sit down with the disputing couple to assist them come to a resolution by keeping the spiritual principles stated in the New Testament in mind. They will also lay out all the spiritual consequences that will occur if they do not come to a settlement based on the spiritual scriptures. More so, according to 1 Corinthians 6, Christians are sternly told not to seek help from people of another belief, but present their issue in front of another devout Christian.

When Can You Use Faith-based Mediation

Mediation and conflict coaching are the two types of mediation offered by 1 Source Mediation. Here is a
brief description of the two types of faith-based mediation:

  • Mediation

    Both conflicting parties will sit down with a Christian mediator and throughout the sessions, they will get guidance to assist them reach a solution that will look appropriate in the eyes of God.

  • Conflict Coaching

    Both conflicting parties will reach a resolution following the scriptural process. They will reconcile their relationship based on it, arriving at a solution honoring God.

Before faith-based mediation begins, they will be asked to go over the scripture pertaining to their present situation. They will collect information to present their case to the other person and with the help from the mediator; they will practice their presentation and determine the route to reconciliation they should take.

The purpose of faith-based mediation is to recognize the wrongfulness of one’s actions, accept responsibility for them, forgive, and restore the relationship once again.

Are you interested in taking the faith-based mediation approach to settling matters? If you are, you need to contact 1 Source Mediation. With our assistance, you will be able to reaching a conclusion to your disputes and conflicts creating tension in your relationship.