Divorce Mediation—What Is It Really?

Divorce Mediation—What Is It Really?

In most cases, the divorcing partners cannot stand each other. In fact, each other’s presence infuriates them. When anger takes a hold of them, all logic goes out the window. They do not think rationally, as all they want, are the assets—the house, the car, the dog, the children, if they have any, etc. They want to squeeze the other one completely dry!

Now, this scenario sounds like two political candidates fighting for power than two divorcing couples. In the end of it all, only bitterness will be left. Why do you even want this to be the end result? Why not go for a divorce approach, which, when the papers are signed, you both will be able to look into each other’s eye.

Divorce mediation is the approach you should take to end a marriage. This approach will assist both of you come to a mutual agreement on how to divide the assets equally and fairly.

Divorce Mediation—A Better Way to Part

Divorce mediation will open a window for you to talk with your partner in a casual and calm manner in the absence of divorce lawyers, but in the presence of a neutral divorce mediator. Divorce lawyers have one aim, which is to fight on behalf of their clients to assist them acquire the assets.

Divorce mediators, on the other hand, will listen to both parties, but will not interfere in the decision making. After the divorce mediation sessions end, both of you will sign a divorce agreement, agreeing on the terms and conditions decided during the sessions by both of you.

Divorce Mediation is Cheaper

Divorce lawyers can end up costing you a fortune and you might not have the money to acquire one. If the divorce proceedings lengthen, you will have to pay more money for their time. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on lawyers’ fees, choose a cheaper and cost-effective alternation such as divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation Will Not Stress You Out

For instance, you may have small children and you know that the custody issue will come up during the divorce proceedings. This may be stressing you out, as you know your partner will fight you tooth and nail for your children. You might want to work out an agreement with your partner, but in court, that seems unlikely.

If you do not want your children to see both of you fight like maniacs in court for them, choose a method, which will not ruffle your feathers on sensitive issues such as this. Go with divorce mediation so you can communicate to your partner about the agreement both should create in regards to the children. Divorce mediation will give you an opportunity to convey your concerns peacefully, without losing your cool.

Do not end your marriage with hatred in your heart for each other, but end your marriage with respect for each other, choosing divorce mediation. You need to contact 1 Source Mediation to acquire the services of one of our expert mediators.