Cultivating Effective Biblical Solutions for Conflict

The Bible has been called by many names. Some have referred to it as The Good Book. Others call it Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, God’s Word, etc. No matter what it is called, this volume has valuable information on many topics for living effectively, including faith-based mediation.

What is Faith-Based Mediation?

Mediation is the process used to find common ground on which to solve conflicts. Faith-based mediation takes the process to a deeper, more spiritual level. The New Testament of the Bible offers guidance regarding settling conflicts and disputes in a godly manner. Unlike secular mediation, faith-based mediation provides an opportunity to glorify God through the outcome. At the same time, it provides the participants an opportunity to grow deeper in their faith and their relationship with the Lord. Individuals desiring to follow the Word in all areas of their life will understand the admonishment of 1 Corinthians 6 to solve disputes between believers with other believers.

Mediation and Conflict Coaching

Faith-Based mediation has two services. Mediation involves individual coaching for the parties who are at odds with one another. The mediator is a Christian who is neutral to the situation and whose interest is in helping the opposing sides come to an amicable resolution. Wise counsel is provided throughout the process. One of the goals of this mediation is to honor God through a well thought-out strategy which leads to reconciliation of the relationship.

Conflict coaching is similar in that it is also scripture focused. Personal guidance is supplied to one party to support that person in ministering to his or her adversary. Mediation involves both parties; conflict coaching involves one person. The person is coached using scripture-based content to help create a solution which will reconcile the relationship while honoring God in the process.

Cultivating Biblical Solutions

Learning about those scriptures that guide a person on the path to the godly reconciliation of conflicts not only helps in the current dispute, it also helps all parties grow deeper in their spiritual relationships. Secular mediation may solve the problem, but faith-based mediation offers insights by which to live. The process fosters much more than just the ability to put a conflict to rest. It teaches individuals how to access the wisdom of the Bible to help with the many battles each person faces in life.

For wise, Biblical counsel and faith-based mediation that works, call 1 SourceMediation. We will show you how to use God’s Word to solve the conflict you are facing.