Conflict Coaching: A New Tool to Settle Disputes

Conflict Coaching:  A New Tool to Settle Disputes

Conflict Coaching is the newest addition to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In conflict coaching, an individual sits down with a conflict coach to discuss personal conflicts and give them advice on how to manage them. The conflict coach focuses on the person’s goals and improves their understanding, skills, and knowledge of their inner conflict.

The Role of the Conflict Coach

After the conflict coach identifies the personal conflict, they assist the client come up with different strategies and approaches to deal with a certain dispute. Conflict coaching is not only one on one, but it can involve another person as well. For instance, conflict coaching can be an option for two colleagues or relatives embroiled in a dispute. The conflict coach will try to help each individual see each other’s perspective on the argument and to develop ways to settle the conflict peacefully.

When is Conflict Coaching the Best Option?

Conflict coaching is helpful in situation where a person wants to discuss a personal issue or when they have to talk to another person about an issue troubling them.  The presence of a trained and experienced conflict coach can assist individuals discuss pertinent issues such as revealing that they had an extra-marital affair, being a target for bullies, and more.

Now, conflict coaching has revolved, as it is no longer just for people to discuss their thoughts or settle a conflict with someone else. People in leadership position have begun to consult with a conflict coach on a daily basis to gain a wider understanding of conflict and their own behavior in conflicts. The conflict coach helps them identify a pattern of behavior during particular conflicts and helps them create strategies to deal with conflict.

What Are the Benefits of Conflicts?

Conflict coaching provides people with a chance to understand their behavior, address it, and change it. The confidential process of talking things through with the conflict coach provides with a new perspective into their mind, helping them see conflicts in a new light. This allows them to settle the conflict in a manner that will not result in a heated discussion.

If a conflict does arise, they will now have the skills to resolve it themselves without involving a third party. In addition, when two people meet up with a conflict coach to settle a dispute, it helps both of them come to a resolution and succeed at accomplishing it. This enables them to maintain and develop healthy relationships down the line.

How Will Conflict Coaching Benefit You?

A conflict coach will assist you with the following things:

  • Resolve and prevent a conflict

  • Prepare you to have a complicated conversation

  • Build and improve your conflict resolution competencies

  • Give you constructive feedback to assist you gain insights to see possibilities

  • Give you the tools to reach your goals

  • Eliminate destructive reactions to situations and encourage constructive responses to handle conflict

1 Source Mediation offers conflict coaching where you will sit down with one of our coaches who will help you resolve conflicts.