4 Key Factors That Indicate Divorce Mediation Might Be the Right Choice

4 Key Factors That Indicate Divorce Mediation Might Be the Right Choice

When you come to the decision that your marriage is over and divorce is inevitable, there are a few things to consider before hiring a lawyer. Going through the traditional system can be long, complicated, expensive and exhausting. Mediation may be a less expensive, easier and faster option when the parties involved can agree to an amicable parting of the ways.

You have no desire to linger in the discomfort of this transitional phase in your life. If there is not a compelling reason to hire a lawyer when a mediator will do, why suffer any longer than necessary? Consider these factors which may indicate that mediation will suffice for your situation:

  1. No history of abuse – There are several types of abuse. Physical, mental, emotional, psychological, sexual and financial are the main types of abuse. Abusive situations are best settled through litigation. When this is not a factor, mediation may be a wise alternative to the court system.
  1. You are able to stand up for yourself and speak your mind – If you do not need anyone to be your voice or help you say what needs to be said, you will do well in mediation. Being able to speak your mind and articulate your needs is an important piece of the mediation process. Both of you work with the mediator to create a satisfactory agreement that covers property, support, custody and visitation issues.
  1. You and your spouse are able to communicate and respect each other’s positions – It is important to respectfully communicate your desires concerning those things that will need to be split or shared. In instances where communication is non-existent or hostile, litigation is most likely the best route for your divorce. If the two of you can communicate amicably and come to an agreement about how property and finances are going to be divided and how custody and visitation will be handled, you may be able to forgo formal divorce proceedings. Mediation is a much simpler and efficient process.
  1. You don’t believe your spouse is hiding assets– Hiding assets is unfair even when the person feels that the motives support the practice. Being able to talk about all the holdings and come to an agreement about how they will be parceled out in a fair manner shows maturity and integrity. Mediation works smoothly when the parties involved are honest and upfront with one another.

Divorce mediation is not for everyone; however, for certain situations it could be the perfect answer. Individuals who are able to have a civil and honest conversation about those things which matter most should look into mediation. For an agreeable settlement with which you both can be satisfied, call 1Source Mediation. We are experts in bringing people to the table while creating a safe space for discussion and agreement. At the end of the process, you can move forward in your new life unencumbered with the financial strain and emotional distress that often accompanies traditional divorce litigation.